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In Food on March 18, 2009 at 9:09 am

Heritage Red Wattle Pig

The other day I got an email from Heritage Foods USA about a “Recession Special” on 14-ounce pork chops (15 for $75). At $5/chop I couldn’t resist. If you have more freezer space, the savings get even better – 30 chops for $130, ora quarter Red Wattle hog for $250 (35 lbs of steaks, shoulders, chops, bacon, ribs, osso buco shanks—you name it!). Their website describes the Red Wattle as having the “porkiest taste of all our breeds.” The Red Wattle is known for dark, lean meat that is particularly flavorful. Think of it as the Native American answer to Kurobata (the Japanese name for the British Berkshire breed). 

What’s more, you’re helping small, sustainable family farms while helping to preserve Native American breeds, which increases diversity in the food supply that has been threatened by industrial farming. But I’ll get off the soap box, and just say that the quality of these chops is superior. Period. Next time my friend Katie and I are going to go in on the quarter hog special and divvy it up so we can try out all those amazing cuts. In the meantime, I’m so excited for my order to arrive next week!

  1. Thanks for the tip! I can’t wait to stock the freezer once we get back on Sunday. We’re kind of ready. Henry is melting down sans routine. And he’s such a pale little thing like his Pops so we can’t stay at the beach too long. We finally hit North Bondi Italian today for lunch. Had spaghetti arrabiatta with crab en papillote. On the stocking up note, was still curious about the CSA your friend is using? Let me know if you remember to ask her.

  2. I am stocking up from Heritage right now – there was a great profile on them in edible Manhattan – and good idea to split an order with friends. Funny thing is I clicked comment and I see that the one other comment was left by Andrea – who I’ve been trying to track down this past week. (So Andrea, if you read this please get in touch!).

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