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The Duxbury Sandwich

In Food on March 16, 2009 at 5:50 pm


My husband and his two brothers spent most of their childhood summers at their maternal grandmother’s on the beach in Duxbury, Mass. On weekends, his dad would come up from New York and join the rest of the family. Lunches were always a sandwich free-for-all with endless choices of cold cuts and cheese, and it is his father who deserves credit for perfecting the ultimate weekend sandwich creation. And it all starts with a sandwich size English muffin.

Toast the English muffin—the “Sandwich Size” from Thomas’ is recommended—and then liberally spread with mayonnaise on both sides, and honey mustard on one. (We like to use Napa Valley Mustard Co. Hot Sweet Mustard.) Then thinly layer slices of roast beef, and don’t be shy. Top with a slice of provolone and four or five bread and butter pickle chips. Bubbies pickles are a favorite around here. Lettuce and tomato are optional, but as my husband says, “it’s really about letting the mustard, pickles and mayo do their dance.”


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