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Bubbles Meet Bitter

In Drink on March 11, 2009 at 7:38 am

cava campari

I heart cava. I heart Campari. I heart cava + Campari. The traditional Italian mix is sparkling Prosecco with Campari, but recently we tried subbing in cava (the best of these Spanish sparkling wines are dry, citrusy and nutty) with the bitter Campari—versus Prosecco, which too often goes the direction of sweet and apple-y. Cava + Campari makes a great aperitif, and the bitter and citrus combo makes for a lovely counterpoint to fatty or rich apps like cheese or jamón or olives, and is great with salty (Marcona almonds, Pecorino or parm). Of course, if you have a bummer bottle of cava or Prosecco or even Pinot Grigio, the forward bitterness of Campari is genius at doctoring up a less-than glass of still or sparkling white wine. Plus it’s so pretty! Pour a splash in the bottom of a wine glass and then top generously with your favorite or not-so-favorite icy-cold white.

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