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Slipper Shock

In Baby Love on March 10, 2009 at 8:57 am


On Sunday night we had the best dinner with friends. Amy’s shrimp dish was incredible as was Adam’s homemade ice cream made with vanilla beans that Kathleen had brought back from Moorea, as were William’s wine selections (more on all of that later this week), but there was another shrimp who was the toast of the night, and that was Tiny G. He was rocking some chocolate brown angora slippers that his aunt Stefanie sent him from New York. Ironically enough they’re made right here in L.A. by a company called Yo My Booties in Venice. They’re available in a delicious range of colors—and look, there’s a food theme with the colors: cotton candy, blueberry, lime, pumpkin, cream, chocolate! I wish they came in adult sizes because not only are they incredibly soft but chic beyond belief. So is their, ahem, $50 price tag. (Stefanie!!!!) 


Yo My Bootie chocolate angora slipper

Yo My Bootie chocolate angora slipper

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