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The King Meets Kogi

In Food, On Location: Out and About in L.A. on March 8, 2009 at 9:26 am

kogi truck

On Friday night after our knifing class, we stopped by the Kogi truck on Cloverdale and Wilshire in Miracle Mile for a quick bite on our way home. Who should we bump into, but the reigning king of tacos himself, Jimmy Shaw and a friend. (Jimmy is the chef/owner of Loteria, which is hands down the best Mexican food in Los Angeles.) So given all the crazy amounts of national and even international press the Kogi truck has been getting—Newsweek, NPR, FT, you name it—we were all curious to if these Korean-style tacos could possibly live up to the hype. Jimmy ordered one of each taco (Korean short ribs, spicy pork, BBQ chicken, tofu), while we loaded up on Korean short rib tacos, one tofu taco, and then a kimchi quesadilla, which the four of us shared. 

JimmykogiThe Korean short ribs are hands down the way to go. They’re topped with sesame-chile salsa roja, cabbage in a very vinegary chile soy sauce, cilantro and sea salt. The tofu is a complete waste of time. I was most excited to taste the kimchi quesadilla, which is why it was what was most disappointing. It’s made with what tastes like Velveeta. I’m guessing on that because I’ve never had Velveeta, but whatever it was, it wasn’t good. But I like the direction it was going and I LOVE kimchi, so I might try to replicate at home with better cheese.

short rib tacokimchi It was interesting to note the crowd – a lot of Louis Vuitton and logo-ed Coach bags and multiple sightings of Tory Burch ballet flats (the kiss of death to any hipster credibility this gig is trying to hold onto). In the meantime, yes, you should by all means to try to intercept one of the Koji trucks via Twitter while it’s hot, or go check them out at the Alibi after 6pm. Or, do what we will be doing next time, and head straight to Loteria.

  1. Still haven’t been able to hook up with the truck. Will sign up to get the Twitter feed so I can swing by late night after my shift at Pizzeria Mozza!

  2. the irony.. Mr. Shaw sat next to Mr. Choi last nite @ the Zocalo panel…

    wish there was a head of kimchi I could’ve thrown @ the Kogi guy. the friggin travesty of it all…

    • have you tried the new (ish) shrimp and spicy morita salsa tacos at the hollywood loteria yet? simply garnished with a slice of avocado and a little crema. oh my god. do not pass go, do not stop at kogi truck, head directly to loteria!

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