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Slow-Roasted Heritage Pork Panini

In Food, Out of Town on March 6, 2009 at 5:50 pm


Last weekend when we were up in Northern California visiting my sister, we stopped by Napa Style in Yountville to try her current indulgence, a slow-roasted heritage pork panini with fontina cheese and mostarda (an Italian condiment kinda like chutney, but made with fruit and mustard). I didn’t believe it could possibly live up to the hype, but I was wrong. I found the recipe online for both the pulled pork (a serious time commitment, 8 hours) and the mostarda. Maybe this Sunday I’ll slow-roast some pork and use it all week for tacos, sandwiches and such.

Update: you can order the sublime pear mostarda used at Mozza by clicking here, or by swinging by Cube on La Brea.

  1. what do i know, but i think that mostarda is traditionally made with mustard seeds, not mustard. (now a quick internet search proves i may be wrong. but maybe not.) but what i do know for sure is that the pear mostarda served with the crispy duck at an italian restaurant that we both know and love is so special, so inimitable (the pears are sliced so beautifully thin that they’re like shards of golden glass), that rather than try to imitate it, they buy it; this product is one of the very few items not made in house. here it is, the very one (link below), available at CUBE on la brea. maybe they’ll be really nice and send you a jar. if you-know-who can use it, so can you.


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