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Worth Your Salt

In Food on March 5, 2009 at 8:15 am


On my desk, I use a six-inch slab of Himalayan Pink Salt as a paper weight in my inbox. It’s so beautiful, and has a variety of uses beyond seasoning your food. It’s low porous so if you have a bigger slab of it, you can use it to cook on. Himalayan salt can handle temperatures from freezing to 500 degrees, so you can roast meats and fish on slabs of it, or you can chill it and use it to serve sushi (in which case you might want to skip the soy sauce as it does impart a subtle saltiness), or lay thin slices of salmon on it and watch them start to cure. And of course you can use it on food. It’s rich in minerals, which is what gives it that gorgeous color, and is pure so an excellent choice for using with grilled fish and meat. I saw this turquoise rock salt grater last weekend, and love the color story happening here. You can order the grater and a 1-ounce chunk of salt by clicking here.

  1. this is too cool. i only have about eight salts, and i am missing this but will get immediately. but can you please tell me how to cook on a block of salt?

  2. I haven’t done it myself, but have seen it done – you heat the thing up over an open flame (they’re not too thick) and then you can sear super-thin slices of meet on there, or sear scallops or fish. I just think they’re so pretty – I like to stare at the one on my desk.

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