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Slinging in the Rain

In Baby Love on March 2, 2009 at 6:19 pm


My friend Jill gave me this awesome Hip Hugger Sling that she used for her two kids. I used it this weekend for carting Tiny G all over the rainy Napa Valley Marathon course to sneak peeks of his aunt running along the vineyards, and it was a lifesaver at the airport, too. I was going bonkers over it today to Jill and she said that for some reason they discontinued the “Palmer” (which is what she gave me). She says her friend Shelby was obsessing over it in a photo in US Weekly several years ago – Angelina was carrying Zahara around in the black quilted “Palmer.” So Jill put her super-sleuthing google skills to work and found it for Shelby and got one for herself. And now I’m the proud owner! I can’t recommend this baby sling enough! I find it is easier on my back than the Baby Bjorn since Tiny G can ride sideways on my hip. If I were going to get one today, I think I’d go for the Hampton in khaki (but note to designers: bring back the black!):


  1. I’m glad tiny G dug his new ride

  2. Where can you buy the Hip Hugger?

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