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Rainy Day

In Drink, Out of Town on March 1, 2009 at 9:25 am

It is absolutely POURING up in St. Helena, and my sister is running the Napa Valley Marathon as we speak. We got up early and had some Stumptown Coffee our parents brought back from Portland last week.


We met her at mile 8 on the Silverado Trail, and now we’re going to meet her at mile 18 in Yountville. I don’t know how she’s surviving. To give an idea, here is the view from my parents’ driveway last month. And then the same “view” today (and that’s a color photo, no joke).



Update. Tiny G, his grandmother and I raced from Yountville to Oak Knoll Lane near mile 24 to catch another glimpse. Still pouring, but the scenery is so beautiful. Let me tell you, mile 24 of the Los Angeles Marathon in Boyle Heights did not look like this:


Nor did I look like this:


Congratulations, runners!!! And a special shout out to Tiny G’s aunt, who finished strong, finished pretty and finished fast!

  1. Your sister is a trooper! Kudos to her for a job well done.

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