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Goop: An Apologia

In Fashion, Media on February 26, 2009 at 5:38 pm

Despite having overtly stated earlier this week that TheFoodinista.com is a Gwyneth-free zone, here we are again talking about Gywneth. I don’t understand how otherwise intelligent people lap up her annoyingly precious blog, GOOP. How does it not make you homicidal? I asked my friend Dana. So here to defend Gwynnie, I give you Dana Dickey:


Poor poor Gwyneth. She comes out with a blog and gets nothing but grief for it. But don’t despair Gwynnie, Gwyn Gwyn, Gwynmeister—those people out there with their brickbats (that’s an old-fashioned term for criticism, dear. I know you were busy when you were at Spence, you might have missed it) and carping (not the kind Mario does. Ibid, dear, ibid), seem to have missed the point of your email newsletter GOOP.

See, I understand Gwyneth, there’s not that much for you to do around Hollywood, except hold Robert Downey Jr’s towel in the next cash-minting superhero flick, and who knows what that simulacrum rock star you married gets up to on the road. So you’ve been pushed back on your own resources. Which, as I would think the chattering class would understand, is LIFESTYLE. You’ve got a deep, deep wellspring of superficial lifestyle, lady. So you’re sharing the wealth of it, with us. You told me which books Madonna just read, which I already forgot but in principle I like knowing. You look cute in your little black dress slideshow, counseling me to buy a Balenciaga-esque belt at Urban Outfitters. You share with me your dead father’s words, that he “wanted you to see Paris for the first time with a man that would always love you.” (OK that last is a little creepy.)

Well, just don’t listen to them Gwynnie. They are just jealous. Whereas I am just holding my breath for the reality show.—Dana Dickey

  1. pretentious & just as “precious”.

  2. I honestly oscillate back and forth on GOOP. On the one hand, the Gwynster manages to come across so snobbishly annoying that you want to slam her butt and yodel, “Uh hello? Reality just called?!” But on the other hand, I am touched by the fact that a pampered star such as herself dutifully writes, and posts, her own blog entries… It is clear that GOOP postings are done without any editorial interference–a potential editor would have pointed out to Ms. Coldplay the redundancy of stating that L.A. has a special place in her “heart,” and then, two lines below, also in her “soul.” She’s overall a privileged twit, but she’s also a BELIEVER.. Someone who earnestly wants to spread the gospel of good-living’. I dunno, guys, I’m split. ..As split as I was between hating her “Sylvia” performance, and admiring it. At the end of the day, she’s clearly a child of privilege, and an elitist freak, but c’mon, let’s give her some credit for TRYING to be real.

  3. Saucer of milk, table for two or three or four? Oh ladies!

    These are troubled times we’re living in, what with the economy tanking, and obesity and depression on the rise. As a well-heeled, well-traveled, successful woman in her thirties, I happen to look forward to my email from “Goop” each week. I’ve made several of the recipes (Turkey Ragou from Dec most noteably) that were seemingly good for me and gosh darnett if they weren’t tasty. My backside has become noticeably firmer having added Tracy Anderson’s 10 minute I-Pod download to my workout regime (from Jan), and really, what on earth could be more poignant today than being reminded to take a few moments to be thankful (Nov) that I’m healthy, have a great life filled with family and friends, and still have a job?

    Can’t we all just get along 🙂

  4. I was moderately amused by Goop up until this week, when I happened to read a Salon article on food riots and how we’re on the brink of disaster (http://www.salon.com/opinion/feature/2009/02/26/klare/)just before getting her post on traveling to Paris, complete with her review of the Ritz. Somehow the post just didn’t offer the kind of escapist pleasure it you’d expect. Chalk it up partly to bad timing. Is it her fault we’re in the midst of a global financial crisis? Still, I think there’s a missed opportunity here with the Goop newsletter and I hope she figures it out eventually.

  5. @ Adriana: Hey, am sorry the latest GOOP bummed you out, Gwynnie is notoriously tone-deaf when it comes to REALITY. (Check out a recent Q&A she did with USA TODAY whereby she told GOOP haters that she feels “sorry for them,” because they have excess negative energy and don’t know “how to enjoy life.”) So the WSJ GOOP is not. I was at one point impressed to see she recommended Intelligentsia as a best-L.A.-coffee shop–who knew she hangs out in Silver Lake? Also revealing were her book tips–and those of her friends! WOWZA, “Anna Karenina”! Like, I would have NEVER, in a million years, thought to pick that up! That’s where I think she blew the opportunity-she could have compiled a list of indie author hits, or something less expected-she’s a major celeb and people pay attention to what she says, for better or worse. She could have made a contempo indie author’s book sales jump up–but no, she recommends Jane Austen and Tolstoy..

  6. You have to have compassion for a woman in her 30’s who has been told by her doctor that she has the bones of an 80 year old woman. So much for macrobiotic diets ..

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