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Goodie Bag

In Food on February 24, 2009 at 10:39 am


It’s been a while since I’ve gotten a good swag bag at a party, but there have been some memorable parting gifts—a silver plated toy Maserati, Chanel lipgloss, Juicy Couture t-shirts, designer shampoo, Silhouette sunglasses, coupons for laser hair removal, a spatula—you name it. But none so fabulous as the gift bag bestowed upon me last night by my friend Carolynn at her own birthday party!

Carolynn, you see, is obsessive about vegetables. Last night there were platters of slow-cooked broccoli, roasted cauliflower with pinenuts and vinaigrette, the most beautiful multi-colored carrots you’ve ever seen. There was also an array of grilled sausages from Huntington Meats at Farmers Market at Third/Fairfax, and a large takeout lasagna verde with beef and veal ragu and fried basil leaves from Angelini Osteria on Beverly/Poinsettia. There was a situation that had occurred earlier in the day involving Nancy Silverton, Carolynn’s mom, and a last-minute drive to San Diego to liberate a large amount of produce from the amazing folks at Chino Farm—but I’ll let Carolynn tell that story (read her blog, it’s really good!). Suffice it to say, there were a LOT of vegetables (in the fridge, stacked on countertops) and so as we were leaving, Carolynn gave us goodie bags stuffed with the most beautiful produce I’ve ever seen, or tasted…lettuces, French radishes, purple carrots, baby cauliflowers. Can’t wait for a vegetable feast tonight! Stay tuned…

  1. damn, i was there all i got was one bunch of radishes , Mike K

  2. i finally told my side of the story. i would have written sooner but i was busy washing vegetables.


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