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Dr. Skud Fly-Swatter: 12, Plantation Molasses: 0

In Baby Love, Design, Food on February 21, 2009 at 8:15 am

dr skudmolasses








Our house has been overrun by attack crickets, and they are at super high decibel in Tiny G’s room. At first I thought it was sweet—Tiny G could be lulled to sleep by the symphony of these chirping little devils and pretend that he grew up in the country instead of smack dab in the middle of urban L.A. It has heretofore been such a lovely sound – in fact the personalized ring for my husband on my iPhone is chirping crickets! But then I read that crickets like Prada, and suddenly the crickets didn’t sound all that cute anymore.

Chemical sprays were out of the question with Tiny G underfoot, so we tried making our own cricket traps with Plantation Blackstrap Molasses. Even though it’s organic, I figured the name sounded like it meant business. Unfortunately, of the six baby-food jars full of molasses we strategically placed around the house to catch these little bastards, not a single cricket took the bait. So we resorted to a Philippe Starck “Dr. Skud” fly-swatter. And by “we,” I mean my husband, who took out TWELVE of these critters last night alone. It sounds like there are still at least a hundred left, taunting, chirping, and casing the Prada. Dr. Skud can only handle so much. Does anyone have another nontoxic suggestion for extermination?

  1. That explains the jar of what we feared might be tobacco spittle by the heater vent. We were concerned.

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