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Valentine’s Day Presents Part II: Woodhouse Chocolates

In Food on February 14, 2009 at 12:30 am


Salt + caramel = love. Cover in chocolate and, well, it’s an affair to remember. My parents and sister arrived earlier tonight to watch Tiny G for the weekend. (We’re blasting off for the desert tomorrow – today? – morning.) To send us sweetly on our way, my parents brought down a gorgeous box of salt caramels from Woodhouse Chocolate in all shapes and sizes for Valentine’s Day. (Katie: I have saved one of the red hearts for you—you are just not going to believe how INSANE the liquidy caramel w/ Himalayan pink salt filling is!!!!!!) The box includes jasmine green tea in a milk chocolate ganache and elderflower/orange blossom in a dark chocolate ganache. Unless you’re in my hometown and HQ of Woodhouse, you’re regrettably not going to be able to get your mitts on these in time. But I urge you to put these on your (mail-order) list for the next occasion–birthday, Easter, Hug a Journalist Day, you name it! They ship all over the country. The packaging is beautiful; the chocolates sublime……………….


  1. These look yummmmmmy! Happy Valentine’s Weekend to you and JF 🙂

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