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Lunch, Animal Style

In Food on February 14, 2009 at 6:52 pm


On our way to Las Vegas this afternoon, we stopped for lunch at In-N-Out for a couple of cheeseburgers, animal style (code for: the meat is cooked and fried with mustard and then pickles are added, extra spread and grilled onions are added). Let the hate mail begin, but I think In-N-Out is just okay, and that their fries stink and that their pink lemonade is too sweet. Yes, the burger is better than McDonald’s. But it has nothing on a Taylor’s Refresher burger from Northern California (locations in St. Helena, Napa, and San Francisco) made with Niman Ranch beef and served on a toasted egg bun, or their sweet potato fries with green goddess aioli.

  1. I agree!!! Their fries SUCK! I ate at Taylors in the ferry building just the other day. Yummy goodness. Your salt carmels have convinced me to drive to the valley after the rain stops! Have a great weekend!

  2. My husband and I have been dreaming about opening a Taylor’s Refresher in the Exxon station across the street from that crappy old institution “Benice” in Venice. Not that the Exxon is for sale, not that Taylor’s wants to do an LA franchise but would that they were. I would die to be a block away from one of their ahi burgers and those sweet tater fries. Plus, I think a quality burger joint is the thing that Venice is sorely lacking.

  3. In-N-Out burgers are quite tasty, but the fries are definitely for the birds. Speaking of birds, I would mention to any traveler visiting Taylor’s Refresher in SF about the pigeons. When weather permits and you eat outside (this is where the majority of seating is available) you will be stalked by pigeons. It’s an inconvenience most people seem to fare without a problem. I, however, I am not a fan of our winged friends so my meals there have been rushed & stressful. This is not a negative review…their burgers are awesome!

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