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Friday Follies in Film: Pearls of Wisdom in Rear Window

In Fashion, Film on February 13, 2009 at 7:46 am


Friday Follies is usually reserved for guest bloggers, but after reading Billy’s “Postcard” yesterday about packing the right clothes I couldn’t stop thinking about Grace Kelly’s chic Mark Cross overnight bag in Rear Window. “You said I’ll have to live out of one suitcase,” she says to Jimmy Stewart as the expandable black valise pops open to reveal a diaphanous nightgown and matching slippers, one of the many fabulous wardrobe changes designed by the late great Edith Head. In an earlier argument, she tells him “If there’s one thing I know it’s how to wear the proper clothes.” To say nothing of jewelry! There are pearls—single strands, triple strands, a multi-strand pearl bracelet with dangling gold charms, pearl studs…pearls, pearls, pearls. In fact, Kelly’s character cracks the case by wisely noting that “a woman going anywhere but the hospital would always take makeup, perfume, and jewelry…That’s basic equipment.”

Beyond the obvious eye candy in the wardrobe department, I do love her idea of ordering in—a bottle of Montrachet on ice and lobster from 21 delivered to Stewart’s apartment since he’s housebound in a cast. Break a leg indeed.



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  1. The best part… these pictures are only 55 years old. In another 55 years will our granchildren look back on our jewelry and gasp at us?

  2. I like when they go out to dig up the “tulips?” snd she’s wearing a beautiful dress and and heels. I want to garden that way. I think a women should always wear make-up pearls and heels while gardening.

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