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POSTCARD: Going Somewhere?

In Design, Fashion on February 12, 2009 at 5:48 pm

stampsBack by ever-popular demand is the latest “POSTCARDS FROM BILLY.” For the newly initiated—fashion advice from my dear friend Billy, an art consultant with a wicked eye and even wickeder wardrobe. In this edition, he packs our weekend bags for ModCom week in Palm Springs, Feb 13 – 21, the annual Modernism Week with collaboration between the Modernism Show, Palm Springs Preservation Foundation, Palm Springs Historical Society, Palm Springs Modern Committee and the Palm Springs Art Museum.






I don’t know about you, but I always find my mind wandering from the latest copy of US Weekly on a plane thinking “did I pack enough?” Good Lord, as much as I should concentrate on the insight provided by Stars, Just Like Us, I worry if I have the right pieces from the arsenal ready for the trip ahead. More times than not, my pragmatic ESPN-minded boyfriend has reassured me that I have more than enough in my steamer-like suitcase. However he fails to realize that life can throw you a curve ball (I love sports references) and you might need to have an appropriate cocktail outfit ready for that weekend at the lake house in Vermont. 

So, I always have a glass of wine (well, my own low-rent version of a spritzer, Diet Sprite—or Fresca if it’s available—and white wine) and some tunes when I write my Postcards to The Foodinista. Right now L.L. Cool J’s “Around the Way Girl” is playing, and I’m dreaming of a girl with bamboo earrings, at least two pair and a Fendi bag with a bad attitude. If life were that simple you would have your uniform and be built for travel. However, for those girls in my life that can’t play a bit part in an L.L. video, these are my current suggestions for packing for a three-day jaunt. So, if I must fantasize about the destination – you are on your way for a few days in sunny Palm Springs, spending most of your time by the pool with two confidantes.



Palm Springs City Hall, 1952 / Photo M. Stern

Palm Springs City Hall, 1952 / Photo M. Stern

· Shoes – wherever you are, you want to tower above the crowd to make an entrance and God forbid you find yourself in a packed concert and want to see the band over the unwashed masses in front of you. Tall pumps, 100 mm is probably best because when you get past 110 mm you might be asking for a stumble. Right now go with a simple pair of navy blue, peep toe Christian Louboutins. Wear a fabulous pair of Belgian loafers for the flight (hopefully private jet or Net Jets). Don’t fret about working out if you are only away for three days, so don’t bring your trainers (worse-case scenario, just push your food around your plate if you feel like things are fitting snugly). pradatstrap Even though you might be longing to bring a fourth pair of shoes, only bring one more. In this case pack some gold T-strap heels. Run to Prada before the flight if you need to pick-up a pair.

· Clothes – a lightweight trench (I hear from friends Viktor and Rolf have a perfect example) for the flight to be paired with some chic Hermès khaki pants and a white button-up oxford, preferably a classic Herrera from seasons past. This will look like your heading to Bill and Babe Paley’s well-appointed estate. Slate gray pencil skirt with tone on tone matching twinset – perfect for a quick shopping excursion to the mother ship of all outlets next to Palm Springs. Only two Prada outlets in the U.S. and you’ll find one of them here at the Desert Hills Outlets. A great vintage caftan. If your hair is longer, go with an updo similar to Angelina Jolie’s at the SAG awards when wearing the caftan for a balmy desert evening. A good halter (you can actually find great versions at J.Crew) and some white fitted tees. And of course, your favorite pair of jeans, easily paired with any of the tops you’ve brought. Oops, almost forgot, a bathing suit that is good for tanning. Remember, you are with friends not a lover that you need to impress.

· Accessories – lots of scarves. One could be tied around your neck for the flight and the others saved for spicing up a handbag or to wrap around your hair for a convertible ride to Joshua Tree one afternoon.  tote Three bags (1) preferably an Hermès Birkin in a classic beige (2) uber preppy monogrammed tote (3) oversized python clutch (channel your inner Samantha or Lil’ Kim). 

picture-11  And finally, a wonderful, snuggly large cashmere wrap. Undoubtedly one evening will disintegrate to drunken stories of your life past brought up by your confidantes which will most likely happen poolside under the moonlight with a bottle of vino by your side.

Well, if this sounds appealing, give me a call. I’m always ready for some desert fun. And if we make it there we could hope for an invite to my friend’s Alisa and Leo Marmol’s wonderful prefab that’s been in too many magazine editorials to count.
http://www.treehugger.com/files/2005/10/marmol_radziner.php. If for some reason your luggage is misplaced, you could be wearing a potato sack and it would look fabulous in these chic environs. 


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