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Sage Advice

In Food on February 5, 2009 at 8:14 am


Pork and sage are one of those winning combinations that is comfort food at its best. Sage’s pungent and faintly peppery flavor is a natural at pairing with fatty meat, especially pork, for the same reasons it’s sublime in brown butter. So for dinner last night, we did both: Pan-fried pork chops with sage leaves, and roasted sweet potatoes with sage brown butter. While the sweet potatoes were roasting, we pressed sage leaves into pork chops, and pan-fried them.


Meanwhile, we browned a little butter, some minced garlic and sage leaves in a small cast-iron skillet. [Note: sage is great at cutting through the richness of butter—or better yet, pressed into a grilled cheese sandwich—because it acts as an herbal digestive.]

sagebrown butter

When the sweet potatoes were finished roasting, we coarsely mashed them and drizzled with garlicky sage brown butter. Glasses of earthy Oregon Pinot Noir were the finishing touch.


  1. My lands! This is really how you eat at home!? On a work night no less? Impressive! But tell me, do you think those sage leaves quailfy as “frizzled?”

  2. holy crap…yum! Inspiring; I’m gonna plant some sage now!

  3. Carolynn: I got the sage last week at Larchmont farmers market & it was definitely not as sprightly as one might have liked, which is why I was putting it on anything and everything! I’m guessing that you have some in your garden? We need to get off our arses this spring and plant beds…

  4. Wait a second…Didn’t you use the sage I planted? The menu look fabulous.

    • We had to put some slug food out front because les slugs went after the neighboring lambs ears with a vengeance! So I was afraid to use the sage for cooking. Am I being a ninny? This spring I want to do some raised herb beds on the south side of the house strictly for kitchen use…chervil, tarragon, thyme, Thai basil, marjoram, more rosemary. And some tomato plants with some decoy basil. Do you think lemon verbena would do well out there?

  5. ok YUM and please, please do something with rosemary…i love rosemary and just never know what else to do with it except the usual ho-hum chicken!

  6. Raised beds would be perfect out there! Those must be killer slugs, we never had one over here on Mansfield..They and the snails went for the grass instead, crazy!

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