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It’s Raining, Men!

In Fashion on February 5, 2009 at 5:36 pm


Finally, we have a genuine winter day on our hands here in Los Angeles, complete with gray skies and buckets of rain. A collection of various umbrellas has found its seldom-used way into my arsenal, but what I really want when I grow up is a made-to-measure James Smith & Sons umbrella, specifically a Gentleman’s Solid Stick umbrella with a polished oak handle and silver lapband. They are so elegant and simple. The designs fall into two basic categories: city or country. And yes, this London institution on New Oxford Street also offers ladies umbrellas, but the men’s sticks are far better. Isn’t that always the way…


  1. Love your site! It’s so neat! And great content too! Just asking, do you have a PO Box snail mail address so I can send you a token from a new fan? Thanks!

  2. Hi I have a James Smith Barked Cherrywood gentleman’s umbrella, it has a goldplated band and at least 30 years of history if you are interested in buying it I would be happy to part with it to someone who would enjoy it. The price would be £75 a bargain I have to admit.

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