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Best Sag Paneer in Los Angeles

In Drink, Food on January 28, 2009 at 7:56 am


One of my husband’s and my addictions, as I’ve mentioned before, is Indian food paired with Riesling. Last night we placed our weekly delivery order to Makkah Halal Tandoori on Vermont (213 – 383 – 9976). It is without doubt the best Indian food I’ve had in LA. The Sag Paneer is so fresh, simmered with onions and tomatoes, which I love over their saffron flavored rice. Last night we were extra naughty and ordered the naan stuffed with housemade cheese. A cheap and cheerful Helfrich Riesling from Alsace ($12) with peachy floral notes balanced the richness and heat beautifully.

Update 9/20/09: Makkah Halal Tandoori has changed hands and sadly no longer uses the same recipes. New Indian takeout recs please???

  1. there’s just something SO wrong with pairing a riesling with sag paneer. how about some Vimto instead?

    have you been to the joints in Artesia?

    • Tony – do you not like Riesling in general? Or just not with sag paneer? Please, please try it! (I am talking specifically a dry Alsatian Riesling with nice acidity and mineral notes – none of that cloyingly sweet swill.) I promise it is an inspired pairing but would love to hear your thoughts. Riesling is also great with lamb korma. And I’ll try some Vimto on the next go ’round. Haven’t been to Artesia in ages (and having a 6-month-old has somewhat clipped my wings). Where should I go?

  2. Completely by coincidence, we’re entertaining guests from Paris tonight and I just picked up a bottle of Alsatian Riesling to go with our planned dinner of Indian take-out. Guess sag paneer will be on the menu as well.

    Hope you’re well.

  3. you should try anarkali on melrose and la brea 🙂 i love their spinach sag paneer and chicken tikka masala!

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