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Photography for the Fashionable Family!

In Baby Love, Design, Media on January 27, 2009 at 5:53 pm

© Sharon Suh Photography


© Sharon Suh Photography


My friend Sharon is a foodinista kindred spirit. Armed with a degree from the French Culinary Institute and a closet full of killer bags and shoes that would make even SJP’s pulse quicken, Sharon has been a photo editor at Vanity Fair, Bon AppétitGQ, InStyle, Glamour and has an amazing eye, especially when it comes to her own photography. She is particularly great with kids! This year for Christmas, she gave us the best gift ever. A photo session with Tiny G, and a print on gorgeous archival paper. I won’t tell you which kiddo is Tiny G, but check out her site: www.sharonsuhphotography.com. She works in LA and NY, so if you are in the market for family portraits, tell her The Foodinista sent you!

  1. To locate Baby G one must simply identify the cutest baby in the lineup.

  2. I am the photographer, and I have to admit that he is the cutest baby that I have photographed…those eyes! Amazing!

  3. I spy MR. CUTEY!!!! Wow. Such a beautiful photo — cheers!

  4. lovely photo of the little man!

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