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Bread Salad

In Food on January 26, 2009 at 8:31 am

bread salad

Last night we roasted a chicken, Zuni style, and made a sinful bread salad with the drippings from the roasted chicken. For those of you familiar with Judy Rodgers’ Zuni Café in San Francisco, you’ve no doubt put this recipe into heavy rotation at home. Yesterday morning I picked up a boule of French bread from La Boulangerie at the Larchmont Farmers Market, which is now ranks as the best bread I’ve used for this salad. Then got the spicy mesclun blend of frisée, arugula, mustard greens and radicchio from the lettuce guy, zuniand some green onions and garlic to round out the mix. (We had some leftover pine nuts and dried currants in the pantry from the last time I made the dish.) You can click here for the recipe, but it’s worth it to buy the Zuni Cafe Cookbook.

One note: the recipe for the bread salad if followed to the letter of the law is a bit labor intensive, especially since everything comes together at the end when you’re pulling the chicken out. I skip a few steps, namely I don’t separate and reduce the drippings in a pan. Instead, I take our lives in my hands by simply pouring a modest dribble of the drippings (fat and all) over the salad as soon as the chicken comes out of the oven. I also skip the salted water or chicken stock because this salad is plenty salty without, and instead just up the amount of Champagne vinaigrette ever so slightly to compensate.

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