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Organic Baby Food: Make Your Own

In Baby Love, Food on January 24, 2009 at 4:57 pm


We received a Beaba Babycook a couple months ago, and we’re in love with how easy it is to make our own organic baby food for Tiny G. If you can get past the $150 price tag* (which fortunately we didn’t have to), this handsome little gadget from France is a must and takes up virtually no counter space. It steams and purees (and defrosts and reheats) with the mere flip of a switch. Which is a great timesaver for two working parents. You can store the food in ice cube trays in the freezer, although we got a set of BPA-free Bébé Cubes, individual 1-ounce cubes with attached lids. My friend Selena gave us Super Baby Food, a book with a ton of recipes and advice for making organic baby food. And then I took a class called First Foods for Optimal Growth at The Pump Station in Hollywood, which covers transitioning to solids and how to reduce risks of food allergies. Honestly, I feel really good about being able to give Tiny G the healthiest food available.

*Note: if you don’t have the stomach for shelling out for a Beaba (and believe me, I hear you), the same, healthy results can be achieved for less money and a little more time and effort with a steamer, blender and/or food mill.

  1. I got all ready to start Miss Elsa on baby mush, and she surprised us all by completely refusing anything pureed. I had planned on using my new food processor, and getting a baby food cookbook, but instead we are stuck with feeding her tiny pieces of bread and cheese from our plates. I hope that doesn’t happen to you guys with all your preparations!

    • Babies will surprise you, although Elsa’s precociousness is anything but surprising. I’m just surprised she didn’t clean up on clam dip. Tiny has been digging mushy peas, carrots (though I’ve gotten Earth’s Best organic jarred b/c of nitrate debate) and sweet potatoes. However, the head scratcher is that he doesn’t seem to like yukon gold potatoes, which I was told babies like b/c they’re king of sweet. What self-respecting mic doesn’t eat taters????

  2. Looks great. I want one of these for myself.
    Perhabs something to sell in my shop in Denmark as well 🙂

    // Mette

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