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Earmuff It

In Fashion on January 19, 2009 at 10:43 am


Those of you with equally juvenile taste in films will undoubtedly recognize the above reference to Old School. The rest of you are probably wondering where you can get a pair of fox fur earmuffs like those modeled by my friend Andrew. I got them a couple years ago at Bloomingdale’s in New York because it was 20-some degrees out, and, being from LA, I had nothing whatsoever with which to cope with that kind of weather situation. They are totally great—and warm, and I am still flummoxed as to why earmuffs in general are not more of a “thing” in New York. For my PETA peeps, there are also some cozy-looking Burberry options.

burberry earmuffs

  1. Always choose quality earmuff dear. Nice post.

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