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M Café de Chaya

In Food on January 13, 2009 at 8:31 pm


Left the office later than usual tonight, which meant that stopping at Whole Foods on the way home was out of the question. So I cheated and swung by M Café de Chaya on Melrose/La Brea. I know, I know—it’s macrobiotic. And yes, one of the chefs used to be personal chef to one of the most self-enchanted people on the planet (Gywnnie).  But if you can get past those two road blocks, the food is actually quite good—and relatively guilt-free. Like the kale with spicy peanut sauce and red onions, or the beet quinoa with lemon zest.  Quinoa, btw, is a complete protein, so that acted as my main course with the kale on the side. My husband went for a grilled tuna burger with pickled red onions, daikon sprouts and yuzu mayo on a whole bun with a side of wasabi potato salad. The sesame soba noodles are also great, but probably a little less angelic. 


  1. That tuna burger is my favorite!

  2. I *love* tuna burgers…can’t seem to find a place that serves them out here in the IE. Love wasabi potatoes too.

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