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Friday Follies in Film: A Toast to High Society

In Drink, Film on January 9, 2009 at 8:33 am

I thought it would be fun to have friends in the biz (or respective biz-es: food/wine/ fashion/design) weigh in on their favorite moments in film. We’re kicking off Friday Follies with my friend Andy, whom I’ve known for, wow, 24 years. And with that….


As a middle-schooler in the late ‘70s, I learned the art of manhood from television. To wit, when men gather for moments of solemn discourse, say in a Dallas lawyer’s office, they slug back hefty and important doses of scotch. But when a man entertains a woman, it’s Champagne, the cork emerging with a sigh and the cold wine gently slapping the bottom of the glass. Think Frank Sinatra in High Society. My first New Years Eve in my own apartment I bought what I took to be a bottle of Champagne. But because I didn’t know a Krug from a Cold Duck, I ended up with a liquid reeking of putrid Martini olives that had bubbles the size of fists. Ack. I didn’t get the hang of bubbles until my first wine industry job at Domaine Chandon. etoileTo this day I’m a fan of their silky Étoile. Sinatra moments may ensue.—Andy Demsky, Shafer Vineyards


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