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Bonne Nuit, Sweet Prince

In Baby Love on January 4, 2009 at 7:22 pm


petitbateau1After two lovely weeks at home with our baby boy, going back to work tomorrow is going to be really hard! Especially when he looks SO CUTE in this Petit Bateau Terry Crawler with “bonne nuit” printed on the bum 73620d12 that his fashionable godmother brought back for him from Paris, where she was reviewing the Spring 09 runway shows last October.  Tiny G, as he’s known, lives in these terry cloth onesies. They’re pretty spendy at $35 a pop, which most moms will tell you is an absurd amount of money to spend on something that will be subjected repeatedly to heavy-duty slobber, spit-up and…stuff. However, these same moms will be the first to jump for joy when they receive as a gift. (They will also stop by Flicka on Larchmont every so often and pretend they’re going to buy one for a friend’s baby but end up putting it on their own.) But besides being irresistibly cute, the terry cloth is really durable, washes well and the snap opening at the back makes changing diapers a, well, snap. 

  1. Marley’s got on in pink/white stripe, cotton. It’s adorable and that snap in the back is also great for the potty trainer, too.

  2. They are the BEST! And I love the little Petit Bateau bloomers or whatever they’re called. Wish I had a little girl for those!

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