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The Mighty Duck (Liver)

In Food on January 3, 2009 at 7:31 pm


Over the holidays, my parents served a jar of this INSANE foie gras de canard (a sinful pâté made from fattened duck liver that often results in angry conversations and a lot of soul searching every time you eat it, and you swear you’ll never eat it again, but then you just can’t stop eating it) from Bouchon in Yountville. It’s the best I’ve had—here or in France—but until Thomas Keller opens a Bouchon satellite in Beverly Hills later this year, I may have to try making my own. I have a copy of the Bouchon Cookbook and could get my hands on a lobe of fresh Hudson Valley foie gras and rendered duck fat over at Surfas. But has anyone tried this at home? I’ve made simple chicken liver pâté, but this looks like a pretty intense four-day project. 

  1. Saturday night we polished off the last of Mike’s annual Christmas Foie Gras Terrine and although he makes a huge one (2 livers worth), it generally lasts our little famiglia less than two seatings. He has used Thomas Keller’s recipe for years and then tried Judy Rodger’s from the Zuni cookbook, but now he refers to both and then a uses a little Mikey magic to complete the perfection… a little Stony Hill late harvest chardonnay, dash of nutmeg and salt and pepper is the complete marinade. He stuffs it into the terrine, cooks it in a water bath and Voila, Christmas din din, with about a tablespoon for leftovers.

  2. See, the Mikey magic is what makes it. Your dad’s stuff is the best I’ve had outside a restaurant, no question.

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