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In Fashion, Film on December 19, 2008 at 3:35 pm

Today my friend Katie was looking very Belle du Jour chic in this fabulous winter white trench with a sheer black blouse tucked into a tailored black skirt. So very Catherine Deneuve. Which got me thinking about my favorite fashion flicks…


1. DARLING, 1965

A 42″ x 30″ poster of Julie Christie hangs in our guest bathroom. My dad bought it in the late 60s, and it’s from my all-time favorite fashion movie, Darling. The l0oks are all insane, but in particular, the white patent go-go boots with the mini skirt, men’s shirt and tie is as razor sharp today as it was 43 years ago.


2. BELLE DU JOUR, 1967

Yves Saint Laurent was 29 years old when he designed the costumes for Catherine Deneuve in this killer film. Those trenches, epaulettes, and incredible dresses—even half disrobed (or maybe, particularly half disrobed?) they’re stunning. Roger Vivier did the shoes, most notably the square toe pilgrim flat in black patent leather with white trim.



Much has been made of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but for my money I’ll take Two for the Road as her most stylish turn. It’s very mod, a departure for her and a break from her usual Givenchy with Paco Rabanne and Mary Quant doing the honors. The Paco Rabanne silver paillette dress is incredible, as is the black vinyl suit, above.



Yes, Faye Dunaway looked absolutely incredible in 31 wardrobe changes consisting of gorgeous mini dresses and suits, all designed by Theodora Van Runkle, but where I’m going with this is Steve McQueen. McQueen’s wardrobe cost $10,000, which was a LOT in 1968. The three-piece Glen-plaid suits–OH MY GOD, the chinos and sweatshirt on the golf course, the Patek Philippe watch, and then there’s that the scene where he’s hopping from Beacon Hill rooftop to rooftop in stovepipe black jeans, blue canvas Sperrys, cropped denim zip-up and ball cap while casually smoking a cigar is just incredible. So millionaire playboy chic.



I realize this is the sole entry not from the sixties, but even though it’s of this millennium, the visual vibe is firmly planted in the 70s: Chas and his sons’ red Adidas track suits; Margo’s Lacoste dresses, loafers, mink and Birkin bag; and Richie in a Bjorn Borg get-up. And I can’t get enough of Pagoda’s pink pants.

Honorable mention: Helen Mirren in Gaultier in The Cook, the Thief, his Wife, and her Lover; YSL’s wardrobe for Capucine in The Pink Panther; Pulp Fiction for the crisp white shirt and Vamp nail varnish; and of course Armani in American Gigolo.


Coming Sunday: Top Five Favorite Food Flicks

**Update 12/22/08: For Monica Corcoran’s take on the subject in this past Sunday’s Los Angeles Times, see her picks for 10 classic style movies. Great story, Monica!

  1. BIG BIG fan of the fashion in American Gigolo too. Sweet post!

  2. What about Damaged with Juliette Binoche and Jeremy Irons? The PM outfits were to die for! Fantastic silver arm-bracelet thingies (what are they called?) holding up a pink crisp blouse with dark vest… very nice!

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