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In Design on December 15, 2008 at 6:42 pm


My friend Hugh got his Christmas tree home yesterday, and was frustrated by his Swiss Army Knife’s inability to cut through the twine securing the tree to the roof of his car. So he ran up to the California Surplus Mart on Vine and Santa Monica Blvd., and picked up this excellent utility knife by Ken Onion, who is none other than the same genius who designed one of my all-time favorite kitchen chef’s knives. Since buying the Leek model 72 hours ago, Hugh says “I’ve used it to cut open a bag of string cheese, neatly tailor landscaping cloth, and sharpen a colored pencil.” The anodized black is really stealth, and the torx screws make disassembling it to clean super easy. The blade is half serrated/half straight, and has a spring-loaded opening that has a sort switchblade appeal, but is legal of course. For the vixen on your shopping list, check out the smaller pink Scallion model, which is more compact and perfect to stash in a purse for any gift-wrapping challenge that might arise during the holiday season.


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