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Let’s Put A Smile On That Face…

In Fashion on December 11, 2008 at 11:19 pm


I woke up this morning and was shocked to read the headlines that THE DARK KNIGHT had been all but shut out of the Golden Globes, especially after watching it on BluRay two nights ago. Of course the only performance that mattered, Heath Ledger’s, got a best supporting nod. And I had to wonder how much a role lipstick played in the decision? StyleFile mused on the topic earlier this year, and I have to agree with Lipstick Queen that Ledger’s rouge is very “post-post feminist” chic. The color reminds me of a discontinued classic: Chanel Star Red (No 22 Rouge Star), which is now only available overseas, and sadly I’m down to the end of my very last tube. However, Greg at the new Chanel boutique on Rodeo mentioned that several snazzy new reds arrived today—Fiesta, Fuego and Gypsy Scarlet (which he thinks is pretty close to Star Red). It’ll be a couple weeks before these reds are available at department stores, but they were unpacking them at the boutique this afternoon, so head on over if you want to get a jump on painting the town red.


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