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Christmas Sweater and a Cuppa

In Fashion, On Location: Out and About in L.A. on December 9, 2008 at 8:26 pm


Though I love the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe beans that I brought back from Ristretto Roasters in Portland a couple weeks ago, most weekday mornings are far too frenetic to brew my own in a stovetop macchinetta. Plus, I love the morning crew at my neighborhood Peet’s Coffee on Larchmont, whom my friend Katie and I have dubbed the A-Team: Ryan, Emily, Jared and Pete. This morning, I was served not only a large to-go cup of the house blend with room for milk by Jared, but a heady dose of holiday cheer by Pete the barista, who was wearing a most excellent Christmas sweater. Seriously, you’ve gotta stop by to check it out in all its Christmas sweater glory. I’m told it will be in heavy rotation between now and the 25th.

  1. That is a SWEET sweater. Kudos to Pete for going all out in the holiday season.

  2. That’s my little Bro….Love you pete…and by the way Love the sweater!!!!

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