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In Fashion on December 7, 2008 at 6:26 pm


I remember on the first date with my husband he had on a pair of well-worn (almost threadbare) camel-colored cords, and since I’ve known him has pretty much stuck to a uniform of cords and cashmere sweaters. He’s a pretty hardcore preppy. When I’m in New York, I load up on cheap cashmere for him at Uniqlo, but have had a hard time finding him cords that fit well. Either they’re super hipster skinny or else frumpy or baggy. Recently my friend Shana turned me onto Bonobos, and the fit is great – not too tight, good lines and butter soft. Even though I’m trying to get past the fact that the company is named after a society of frisky apes with neatly parted hair, I got him a lightweight pair in “mint julep” ($110) and a medium weight pair of “shoguns” ($130). Best of all, very personal customer service. It’s like shopping bespoke!

  1. Great write-up about Bonobos! May I re-post on the company blog?


  2. I only recently got my boyfriend out of his “Mr. Mom” jeans: relaxed fit, stonewashed Levis, purchased somewhere in the Midwest circa 1984. Horrors!! He is now wearing Lucky Brand’s slim bootleg. Gone, too, are the khakis from Mervyn’s, replaced with Brooks Brothers chinos in the Milano fit–slim but not hipster-boy slim. Not such a big makeover the engineering society will revoke his geek card, but a huge improvement! Now if only I can do something about the Members Only jacket….

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